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Your Goal is to do amazing things and make incredible profits.  We’re With You on That!

QStart for Investors

QStart Labs was started by VC’s and entrepreneurs to help investors do one, simple, beautiful thing: increase exit values.

What People Are Saying About QStart Labs

“We wanted to create a more efficient way for pet owners to shop for pet health insurance. QStart played an integral role in building the technology that allows dog and cat owners to get custom pet insurance quotes in real-time. No other website has this capability because integrating one system with several different companies is an extremely complex and time consuming endeavor.” “QStart has the people and resources available to make complex system integration possible. They’ve been a great partner for us and a truly fun group to work with.”

– Nick Braun, Founder & CEO, Pet Insurance Quotes

QStart’s innovative business model opened the door for Mediplay to pursue an extremely aggressive development strategy that would have otherwise been difficult, if not impossible, to implement.”

Scott Donely, Vice-President, Mediplay

“QStart Labs is the first technology company that actually aligns their interest to us as investors. Their business model allows NCT to increase speed-to-market and enhance our ROI.  We particularly like that QStart Labs is incentivized to help make our portfolio companies successful, and that we incur costs only when development is needed vs. internal overhead.”

– Rich Langdale, Managing Partner, NCT Ventures

“QStart Labs took our ideas from being in our heads and on various pieces of paper to a fully functional site that surpassed our wildest expectations in ONE WEEK!”  “They *%$#@ ROCK and we have to say that if you aren’t using their services, you’ve lost already.”

– Demetrius Curry, President, College Ease

“Qstart Labs has maintained an exclusive relationship with Seamless Logistics for all of our technology needs. They have been exceptional to work with and have taken the normal expected frustrations when dealing with technology development out of the equation for us. Qstart Labs, and its team, have a proven system for web development.”

Jack Tucker, Owner, Seamless Logistics

“The team at Qstart Labs was instrumental in helping TechColumbus document technical requirements for the redevelopment of our website.” “Kevin, Kipp and Jeff’s expertise helped create a clear vision for the developer who will take on the project, and as a result I expect the process to run much smoother than if we had attempted the task on our own.

– Wayne Henry, Director of Marketing, Rev1 Ventures

“Kevin and his team have never failed to go above and beyond their contracted duties to assist us in any way we have asked-and several times without being asked. Being a Tech Startup can be very trying, to say the least. Having a “partner” that is willing to leverage their experience and bring real world knowledge and enthusiasm to every meeting is rare. QStart has been that company for us, and we are very grateful. I would (and always do) highly recommend them!”

– Mike Boyd, Founder & CEO, iReconCars

We Get Results!

Years Focused on Building Startups

Startups Launched

Capital Raised by QStart Labs Companies (in millions)

Number of Exits (Avg. Acquisition 8 figures)

What’s our Secret Sauce? Why are we so Successful?

Plan Before You Build

Have goals. Have a timeline. Have purpose. And have discipline about it!

Because you’ll always be lost if you don’t know where you’re going.

Know Your Limits

Timelines, resources, opportunities: you have to know what you’ve got.

The more realistic you are, the less frustrating your endeavors will be.

Play Well With Others

You must communicate and act as a team in order to achieve anything worthwhile.

Stay in touch. Stay on top of things. Stay open. And your project will stay on track.

Know When To Get Help

No one organization can be great at everything. Know your strengths and your weaknesses — so you know when to pull in outside resources.


DOmedia is an independent technology company on a mission to change the way out-of-home media is bought and sold. Their cloud-based applications connect buyers and sellers to leverage marketplace effects, eliminate labor and improve reporting and analytics.

Per Diem Plus

Per Diem Plus is an easy to use mobile application designed by accounting professionals that creates an IRS-compliant record of per diem and tax deductible expenses for U.S.-based over-the-road (OTR) truck drivers operating in the contiguous United States, Alaska and Canada.

My Benefits Comparison

MyBenefitsComparison.com, is an exclusive online portal that provides industry professionals with insurance solutions to ensure their success now and into the future. When agents are seeking the most trusted, reliable source of ancillary and supplemental products for their clients, MyBenefitsComparison.com is just a mouse click away.

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