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The QStart Labs Team 

Our team are the ones the aliens want to meet when they land.

Our company is lean. Smart. Experienced. Talented. Did we say experienced? Patents. Awards. Great stories and great reputations. People name-drop us on occasion. In a nutshell: we’re not just legit, we’re iconic.  And while we’re not much on bragging, if you Google us, you’ll see that we’ve been around every digital block since the dawn of the digital age.

Better yet, come in and meet us. Because as much as we can do online, we’re pretty impressive in real life, too.

Kevin Hiser

Persuader. Planner. Connector. Mentor. Accelerator. Front Man.

Kipp Abbott

Operations, Creative Director
Leader. Forecaster. Facilitator. Explainer. Rainmaker. Organizer.

Paul Sabatino

Software Architect
Solver. Decoder. Maker. Thinker. Cook. Resource.

Dan Shinton

Software Architect
Shepherd. Creator. Coach. Challenger. Artisan.

Ben Wallace

Software Developer, Front-End UI/UX
Constructor. Seeker. Builder. Juggler. Rebuilder. Groove Master.

Dave Altman

Systems Overlord
Tinkerer. Pusher. Launcher. Influencer. Trendsetter. Contextualizer.

Shelley McLain

Herder. Protector. Beancounter. Organizer. Traveler.

Vicki Wettrich

Project Manager
Communicator. Presenter. Expert. Contributor. Interface. Trainer.

Ian Shortridge

Software Developer
Tinkerer. Solver. Comedian. Creator. Engineer. Cyberpunk.

Mike Purcell

Director, Digital Marketing
Planner. Wizard. Converter. Optimizer. Strategizer.

Our Team – Currently Deployed At DOmedia

Jeff Lamb

QStart Labs Founder , Nerd
Guru. Visionary. Leader. Geek. Doer. Thinker. Rockstar.

Ryan Powers

Software Developer
Generator. Coder. Builder. Illuminator. Modder. Young Gun.

Bud Budrejko

Systems Overlord
Genius. Quant. Cruncher. Dreamer. Solver. Crowdsurfer.

Lawrence Gould

Software Architect
Geek. Thinker. Muscle. Strategist. Icon. Ninja.

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