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Embrace Pet Insurance
Case Study

About Embrace Pet Insurance:

Embrace Pet Insurance, established 2003, is one of the nation’s highest-rated pet insurance companies.  Embrace Pet Insurance sells pet health insurance policies direct to “pet parents” primarily via the internet.  With core expertise in internet marketing and insurance product design and pricing, Embrace competes by combining the next-generation of veterinary-friendly pet health insurance with a deep commitment to profitable, long-term customer acquisition and retention.

The Challenge:

Embrace was poised for growth in 2009 however their commitment to profitable, long-term customer acquisition wand retention was being challenged.


  • Their processes and technology platform did not support their long-term vision and business objectives.

What They Wanted

  • They needed a way to increase efficiencies in multiple areas of the business including quote generation.
  • They needed flexibility that would allow the marketing team to adapt to changes in the market.
  • They needed a robust platform that would be scalable now and into the future without requiring additional investments.

The Solution:

QStart Labs developed a completely new way for users to explore and buy policies online.

This effort extended to all areas of the company including: a new site-wide redesign, a new policy-quoting flow and design, a new business logic engine (expert system) for pricing a policy, and a new content management systems.  The whole effort was wrapped inside of Service Oriented Architecture and seamlessly integrated with their existing CRM system so that Embrace could smoothly and easily grow and expand in the future.

The Results Were Better Than A Cat’s Meow!


Increase In Monthly Policies Sold Within 3 Months Of Launch

Number of Years After Launch Embrace Exited

Exited to BeauVest in 2012 for undisclosed 8 figure amount.

And What Did Embrace Have To Say About Our Partnership?

Michael Butler, President, Embrace Pet Insurance

We at Embrace were fortunate enough to be a growing company in a growing industry and needed to make sure that we did not outgrow our technology.  QStart Labs helped us prepare for not only the present, but the future growth that we expect and made made us comfortable to grow our business with no restrictions.  The partnership with QStart Labs was like no other and we truly felt like they were part of our team.

– Michael Butler, President, Embrace Pet Insurance

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