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About Us

Our Team Has Been Online Since the Floppy Disk Era.

What We Do, The Cliff Notes Version

We help entrepreneurs and investor’s portfolio companies reduce the typical cost, time-to-market, and risk associated with launching tech based startups.

On June 3rd, 2008, QStart Labs was formed as the “tech team” for NCT Ventures in Columbus, Ohio. QStart has improved the success rate of NCT’s portfolio companies and helped NCT portfolio companies save on technology costs thus using more investment for what is important….growing the business.


Our Crew

We’ve assembled a rockstar team of nerds, a suit, a designer, and project manager so you don’t have to!

Another thing you’ll need to know is this: there’s no dead-weight in QStart’s line-up. Our streamlined crew.  If you’re looking for several expensive layers of management, well, you’ll have to go play telephone somewhere else. Nope: we’re more about walking than talking (not that’s we’re anti-talking, in fact, we like to keep in close contact with you and your team — working with you as we chart a path toward magazine-cover level success). Just check out the Qube — our hive. Call us up, and come over for a tour. We’ll even make you a pop-tart® if you want one.

Why Us?

“They *%$#@ ROCK and we have to say that if you aren’t using their services, you’ve lost already.”

– Demetrius Curry, Founder, College Ease


Built To Launch Startups

We have been the digital agency route and know that their model does not work for startups.  From the start, we built QStart Labs to ensure aligned interest with launching, growing, and getting startups to exits.  So talk to us. We’ve been where you are. We know what you’re up against.

"Aligned Interest" Model

Hold on to your hats folks! You’ve heard that we are part entrepreneur, part investor, and all partner, but our model is how we prove it!  We take no equity, have covered the technology/IP challenges that typically cloud exits, and contractually bind ourselves to many other crazy things to give you the best chance of success.

The Right Team

Our team is lean, smart, experienced, and crazy talented. Did we say experienced? Patents. Awards. Great stories and great reputations. People name-drop us on occasion. While we’re not much on bragging, if you Google us, you’ll see that we’re not just legit but we’ve been around every digital block since the dawn of the digital age.

Proven Results

We’ve been there, done that, and have the T-shirt!  Not only have we launched over 45 startups since 2008 but our companies have raised over $25 million from investors.  Did we forget to mention that 2 of our companies have exited already and a few more in the works?  Don’t take our word for it, see what others are saying about us.

With All Of The Above What Are You Waiting For?

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